What made 50 cent’s arrest in St Kitts go viral?

I don’t know what 50 heard about St Kitts but definitely this country won’t be a mother f*** PIMP for his publicity. Well at least that’s what they thought.

St Kitts and Nevis made global headlines for arresting American rapper 50 Cent after his performance at the 20th Anniversary of the St Kitts Music Festival. CNN carried a story about 50 Cent’s arrest and perhaps for the first time in the country’s history, St Kitts and Nevis was the number one trending topic on Facebook up to 24 hours after the event.

As expected, the decision to arrest 50 Cent met opposing views from persons on different sides of the moral compass. The St Kitts Music Festival Committee came under heat for booking the rapper whose music is just about 75% expletives. 50 Cent too was chastised for not obliging to the agreement made with the committee not to use curse words.

Before the island realized, the criticisms were not only coming from the less than 40,000 people inhabiting the island, the world too chimed in. A recent google search shows that about 200 articles spoke of the arrest.

Media organizations including BBC World News, The Guardian, Rolling Stone, TMZ, Mashable, The Shade Room, The Wendy Williams Show, Billboards Top Music Countdown and CNN covered 50 cent’s arrest. On Mashable alone, the story got 3.5 thousand shares. Simply put, publicity wasn’t an issue for both the rapper and the island, whose arrest went viral.

What’s Viral?

When we think of an item going viral we really mean how quickly it is shared on the internet between users.

According to the experts at BuzzFeed in order to make a story go viral on the web a few things must happen.

1. The story should never include the word viral. An item never really intentionally goes viral, it sort of just happens.
2. Users who share the item must be connected to it in some way, that is, it must share their beliefs in some way.
3. The item too must evoke strong emotional response to the issue.
4. The ‘virality’ of an item depends on how reporters write the story. Most writers are now taking into consideration search engine optimization. Simply put, people are writing so that their stories appear in the top pages of a google search. The popularity of the source by search engines such as google, the amount of persons on social media that share the item, as well as the number of times the story is referenced by a top source contribute to why some items become viral and others don’t.

What exactly made this story go viral?

1. 50 Cent behaved inappropriately at a concert days before performing in SKN.

50’s foul mouth is nothing new in the world of entertainment. In fact, it’s like a game, let’s see where 50 curses next! Tag St Kitts was it.

2. 50 Cent is no stranger to scandal and the media.

The madness never stops with 50 Cent, from sex tape scandals, to filing bankruptcy and perhaps the most senseless of them all, mocking an autistic teen.

3. In the Caribbean there is no first amendment, people cannot say as they like. It is illegal to curse in public.

According to SKNVibes, “The [Small Charges] Act clearly states that anyone who makes use of any abusive, blasphemous, indecent, insulting, profane or threatening language in any public place, any place to the annoyance of the public, or tending to a breach of the peace commits an offence. That person, if found guilty, would be liable to a fine… or sent to prison…”

4. How could this tiny island, that no one knows arrest a famous rapper?

We all know what the world is thinking. Who or what is a St. Kitts and how dare they arrest a famous American rapper, using their archaic British laws? Truth be told, in the 68 square mile country inhabited by a little over 40,000 people, no one is above the law.

Source: Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saint_Kitts

5. Why did the SKMF Committee expect 50 Cent to perform PIMP without curse words?

I counted 24 instances of expletives in this song, without due diligence, it is sort of impossible to belt out this song without those curse words. Take a look for yourself.

6. DMX was arrested in SKN at the same concert for the same offense ten years ago

You’d think after over ten years someone would have learned his or her lesson. Both the SKMF and the artist. C’mon now, you really shouldn’t be surprised by this, most people aren’t, if DMX got arrested why couldn’t 50 Cent sit behind bars?

7. 50 Cent posted a meme on his Facebook page about his arrest and comically downplayed his actions.

Care to note that the amount of persons who liked the picture almost equals the population of St Kitts.

8. There is a pending lawsuit about 50 cent’s PIMP Song.

Why not try to get the song back on the charts and make some money before you potentially lose a lawsuit?

9. Almost everyone on social media in St Kitts Nevis followed by the rest of the world posted about 50 Cent’s arrest.

50 cent’s arrest tops Facebook’s Trending list

10. 50 cent filed for bankruptcy. (Though he’s not really broke)


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