An Easter away from home

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I guess if someone asked me what I gave up for lent the answer will have to be my Kittitian Easter traditions. I miss seeing mommy heat the fig leaves over the stove, as my brother and I snuck away the tiny pieces of coconut that were too small to grate. We’d usually head to church for Good Friday to hear another sermon about Christ’s ascension then enjoy our Easter feast with the saltfish mommy secured in early March to avoid the Easter saltfish pandemonium the week before.
This year there was no kite flying, beach outings, or folklore. I attended class on Holy Thursday and Easter Monday. But luckily the university gave us Good Friday off. I now live alone and as a young single 23-year-old woman my house was not filled with conkie, saltfish or sweet potatoes.
For my day off I planned to complete upcoming assignments while systematically dodging the saltfish posts on Facebook. Luckily I’m a geek with friends who know my struggles. My friend invited me to spend Good Friday with her because she knew my culinary skills didn’t include much beyond chicken and salmon.
After I completed a few assignments I dressed in my floral dress ready to devour some good Caribbean saltfish. Delicioso! And so it was, a beautiful home cooked meal with friends and family. Someone even prepared my favourite dish—Shrimp Alfredo pasta. The meal could not have gotten any better.
I spent most of my Easter weekend with other students from St. Kitts and Nevis visiting St Thomas from the St. Croix campus. It felt so good to reminisce about Easter past times. We sang Caribbean songs at a karoke restaurant near my house and went to the beach on Sunday to celebrate our queen. That’s right, for the first time a student from St Kitts and Nevis won the Miss UVI Ambassadorial Competition.
That’s not all, our very own WUVI—the university’s student ran radio station aired the competition live for the very first time. Excitingly, I’ve etched my name into the history books as a commentator for this inaugural event. All in all, I began my Easter feeling very depressed but I enjoyed many fun moments with celebration, good food and laughter.


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