A Fresh Start: Living on my own

Does anyone want to be Patrice for a day? I don’t think so!

Daily agenda: beat the books, 20 miles back and forth from school, beat the books, go to class, produce the news, beat the books, cook, clean, do laundry, beat the books, attend meetings, respond to emails and social media. Did I mention beat the books? Gym, check in on loved ones, send out applications, be a campus ambassador, think about my graduation speech, write daily agendas. Ok, with all that’s said and done I don’t event want to be Patrice.

My life has changed a lot over the past 8 months, much has changed and many things remain the same.

One of the biggest changes I experienced over the past three months is living on my own. This alone and down time allows me to think and fall in love with myself piece by piece a little more.
At first it was scary. I thought to myself how was I going to manage opening the door to my home without having someone to talk to. At times I even contemplated getting a pet.
As each day passes by and I lock myself in at nights I undergo a sort of inner peace, one that really resonates with me.
My feelings of dependence washed away as I became this new woman- I’m all grown up now and nothing’s stopping me.

I moved off campus in my senior year to live with my mom who was in process of filing for her green card. And though moving in with your mom while in college may seem like a step backwards it did have many advantages like having your personal nurse when you get sick or sound board after a long day of school or during frustrating situations.
She  returned home after getting her green card and there I was on my own in a two bedroom apartment ten miles away from the city having to figure out how to live on my own. My one wish in life was never to end up alone and here I was at 22 physically alone.
Yeas, I know you thought of it but I didn’t crash the house and throw house parties. I’m a good kid, the kind of girl you’d want to take home to your mother.
Living on my own taught me a lot. I was able to improve my cooking skills, learn a lot about myself and boundaries and the art of time management and budgeting. No other experience was more ideal for me as I prepare to graduate from my alma mater by the sea- UVI.
Call me your modern day independent woman as I juggle between bills and wardrobe shopping, as well as work and school.
I’ve had to make very hard decisions and among them I’m glad I decided to move off of campus and start a life of my own.

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