New student organizations featured at UVI Fall Fest 2015

(St. Thomas)- Four newly formed student organizations in UVI- St Thomas Campus are thanking the organizers of the annual UVI Fall Fest for the opportunity to recruit new members and gain publicity.

Fall Fest 2015, organized by the Division of Student Affairs, held under the theme “Your keys to success” took place at UVI Sports and Fitness Center last Friday.

The one-day event featured 18 student associations including newly formed groups such as UVI the Wave, Media Club, UVI Accounting and Business Professionals and Advocates for Mental Health.

Despite the lower turnout of organizations, the student organizations present were happy to be involved in the event.

“Approximately 26 clubs registered last year, this year only 18 clubs registered. I would like to see more clubs and organizations created and more organizations registering for Fall Fest and actually recruiting,” Leon Lafond, Director of Student Activities said. “ Our overall goal is to increase student engagement.”

Lafond attributed the lower participation of clubs and organizations to harsher enforcement of deadlines by his office.

“Not all newly registered clubs were present today, they are still recruiting but I want to make special mention of a new club that is very outgoing, UVI The Wave, they have assisted other clubs with promoting and marketing their events,” Lafond said.

Both the UVI Accounting and Business Professionals Association and the Advocates for Mental Health Association agreed Fall Fest is important for students to learn more about different organizations and opportunities on and off campus.

“Today we had good reception to our stall; we had a lot of traffic from students. We are not recruiting members we are just looking to receive publicity,” Shenee Martin member of Advocates of Mental Health Association said. “It is important that people know we are here to assist them.”

“It was a good experience to be launched to the student body today. We were successful in recruiting new students to our association by approaching them rather than waiting for them to come to us,” said Alphea Brown, President of UVI Accounting and Buisness Professionals Association said. “Even though there are other ways to recruit students the Fall Fest is a great event.”

Fall Fest began in 2005 and features a student activities fair, health and wellness fair, career fair, and law enforcement fair.

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