TPP and TPA Opposition Strengthens

By Patrice Harris

Orginally Published on Talk Radio News Service on June 3rd 2015

(TRNS)- Over a dozen House members, including Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT), are throwing support behind Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro (D-CT) in her quest to stop the Trans-Pacific Authority, or TPA or fast-track, bill.

The Senate-passed legislation will reach the House soon which grants President Obama full authority to negotiate international trade deals with the approval of Congress with an up or down vote with no added amendments.

DeLauro addressing media at Press Briefing at House Triangle on the East Front of the U.S Capitol Building. Tues, June 3rd. (Photo Credit Patrice Harris)A number of non-governmental organizations such as CREDO Action, AFL-CIO, Democracy for America, Civic Action, Daily Kos and other progressive, union-friendly groups are not in support of the agreement for TPA.

Together, these groups submitted over two million petition signatures to Congress in opposition to fast-tracking the TPP.

“The fast-track bill restricts public scrutiny, limits debates, prohibits amendments, and keeps the TPP a state secret,” said DeLauro. Adding, “Signatures and phone calls show that we have the American people on our side and we have a strong diverse grassroots coalition behind us and together we will defeat fast-track and win for the American people.”

The controversial agreement between several Latin American and Asian Nations threatens to decrease American jobs, according to its opponents.

While the agreement is considered by its supporters to improve trade relations with America’s top partners, opponents to the bill such as DeLauro and Sanders believe that the TPP is another bad trade agreement that will continue to marginalize the already decreasing middle class.

“Everybody knows that the great middle class of this country is disappearing and one of the major reasons is the disastrous set of trade policies which force American workers to compete against workers around the world who make pennies an hour our job is to lift up the poor people of the world not lower the standard of living of American workers,” said Saunders.

The House is expected to consider the TPA bill later this month.

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