House Leader McCarthy: Democrats In Civil War Over Trade

By Patrice Harris and  Cortney Smalley

Orginally Published on Talk Radio News Service on June 15th 2015

Photo: Lingjing Bao/TRNS

(TRNS) – Following the controversial vote and passage in the House of Representatives over the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA), Majority Leader in the House of Representatives Kevin McCarthy, (R-CA) is describing the votes and comments made by Democratic members as destructive.

“This whole new pattern of Democrats trying to destruct everything is not productive for the American public. What’s really playing out is almost like a Civil War in the Democratic Party.”

The TPA which was voted on Friday was passed with 219-211, however the adjoining bill, or the trade adjustment assistance, TAA did not survive vote, and will not move forward to the president’s desk.

McCarthy is concerned about the Democrat’s vision Free Trade in America. He believes that the Democratic party is not acting in the best interest of the American people.

“The best option right now is for the democrats to come to their senses and be able to move TAA otherwise I think the ability for Americans to grow [is diminished], we need trade we can’t be left out there have been 100 agreements since TPA has been shut off and we’ve been in zero. That cannot be the future for America,” said McCarthy.

Among the major opponents to the bill was Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). McCarthy believes that the White House was blindsided by her statement on the floor.

“I’ve always thought I saw their leader going one way but when she went to the floor with her comments, I think that was the first time the White House was hearing that she is going NO on it. I wasn’t quite sure what the rationale and why was,’’ said McCarthy.

According to McCarthy, the house worked with Pelosi to address the pay for and sequence of the TPA.

When asked about the Republican’s view on free trade and looking forward, McCarthy stated “the GOP party has made no decisions about free trade, but we have options.”

Meanwhile, McCarthy is not confident that TAA will be passed later this week.

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