Hillary For America: GOP Candidates Out Of Touch With American Voters

By Patrice Harris

Originally Published on Talk Radio News Service  August 5th 2015

(TRNS)- Strategist and pollster Joel Benenson for the Hillary for America 2016 campaign is describing the GOP candidate field as out of touch with America’s voters and its agenda.

In a memo released Wednesday, Benenson attributed the GOP’s tarnished brand to the “candidates’ very poor favorability ratings.” Benenson’s memo comes on the eve of the highly anticipated first Republican presidential debate.

With national polls confirming Donald Trump as the party’s top candidate, Benenson added that each GOP candidate shares similarities with Trump.

“They are all cut from the same cloth, aligning themselves with views and policies that are out of date and out of touch,” said Benenson.

The Hillary for America campaign  considers the GOP candidates to be out of touch with what “Americans want for themselves and children.” Benenson continued, “every single Republican candidate holds positions that are overwhelmingly minority viewpoints in America.”

The memo cited national polls, confirming the accusation that the GOP candidate field is out of touch and out of date on the economy, immigration, LGBT Americans, and Women’s Health.

In the last two months, members of the Republican party strongly opposed the Supreme Court’s ruling Same Sex marriage including presidential candidates Scott Walker, Jeb Bush, and Marcio Rubio. Benenson, cited polls from Quinnipac, ABC News and Washington Post that an overwhelming 52-65% support the same sex marriage ruling and disagree with discriminatory policies by businesses.

In Depth: 2016 Presidential Candidates React to SCOTUS Marriage Equality Ruling

Likewise, Walker and Bush repeatedly advocate for defunding Planned Parenthood. According to Benenson, these actions are not aligned with what Americans really wants, noting that 63% oppose defunding Planned Parenthood.

Coin Flip: Senate Dems Defeat Bill To Defund Planned Parenthood

While Trump has been heavily criticized in the media for his comments regarding Mexicans in America, Rubio, Walker and Bush oppose pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. However, CBS, Quinnipac, ABC News and Washington Post all show the majority of Americans are ‘pro-immigration.’

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