Clinton Hesitant Over Iran Deal, However Considers It ‘Important Step’

By Patrice Harris

Originally published on Talk Radio News Service on  July 14th 2015

(TRNS)- Following the completion of the highly anticipated Iran nuclear agreement with six major international governments, former Secretary of State and democratic presidential contender, Hillary Clinton met with the Democratic caucus Tuesday morning to further discuss her economic plans and lobby support for the Iran deal.

Hillary Clinton and Obama

Clinton is reminding the American public that the deal allows America to place a lid on nuclear proliferation by Iran, following a 60 day review by Congress where the legislative body would accept or reject the deal.

“This is an important step that puts a lid on Iran’s nuclear programs and it will enable us then to turn our attention to doing what we can with other partners in the region and beyond to try to prevent and contain Iran’s other bad actions,” said Clinton.

According to Clinton, two major issues with the Iran deal are enforcement and monitoring bad behavior by the Iranian government.

“There will be a number of issues that will have to be addressed [including] enforcement. This agreement will have to be enforced vigorously and relentlessly. We have in the agreement the access for inspections and transparency that was absolutely necessary but we have to treat this as an ongoing enforcement effort,” said Clinton.

Clinton continues by naming Iran “the largest state sponsor of terrorism.” Adding that Iran goes “after and undermine governments in the region that poses an existential threat to Israel unfairly and unlawfully. [That] bad behavior is something we have to address.”

The presidential hopeful said if named president, she would be “absolutely devoted to ensuring the agreement is followed.”

Meanwhile, Chair of the Democratic Caucus Xavier Becerra (D-CA), said that meeting with Clinton put the Iran deal into context. He reiterated the sentiments of Clinton that no deal is perfect. Becerra has assured that he and his colleagues will be reading the 100-page agreement in its entirety before it comes up for debate on the floor.

Becerra said that the agreement is not more so about trust but the creation of a “verifiable enforceable provision to keep a lid on nuclear proliferation.”

Clinton is expected to meet with the Congressional Black, Hispanic, and Asian Pacific American Caucuses while on Capitol Hill Tuesday.

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