Five Caribbean songs bound to motivate you

Let’s be honest there are those days when we wake up feeling unmotivated. Most people turn to gospel music when they are down or lack motivation. Here are five Caribbean reggae and soca songs that can boost your morale if you are just in need of a little extra motivation. These are my top five picks- they work each time even if I’m headed to class or just rolled out of bed.

1. Christopher Martin: “I’m a big deal”

The message is clear and Christopher Martin is not subtle in reminding you how important you are. If ever there was someone who told you that you are not much and won’t amount to much, it feels great to belt out in your favourite twang or accent “I’m a Big Deal.” Saying this gives you the same feeling as “Get theee behind me satan.”

2. Nu Vybes Band International “A- Game”

Let’s be honest I probably seem bias to feature a band from St. Kitts in my article but I’d be happy to tell you that I’m not a self- proclaimed nor assigned ‘Sugar Head”. Aside from the catchiness from this song I literally gear up like I’m heading to a boxing match listening to this song. “You gotta bring your A- Game to survive” reinforces all we’ve learnt in school and our mother’s sayings, basically you’ve got to be the best ALL the time.

3. Tarrus Riley: “My Day”

There isn’t a song with a more Caribbean feel than this. This song is picks me up after a hard day because I can actually picture myself under a palm tree as the waves brush against the shore, this serene image instantly calms my nerves. At the end of the song , you’d get so distracted that you won’t even remember why you got worked up before.

4. Machel Montano: Happiest Man Alive

Yes, we heard you, you are a BIG DEAL, but truth be told you are also the happiest man alive. Though this is a good party song to be enjoyed with friends, it also reminds why you should relish life. In its true Caribbean authenticity, this is our way of saying YOLO- You Only Live Once.

5. Machel Montanto ft Doug E. Fresh: “We’re not giving up”

We promise we are not Machel Montano’s promoters but it took us a while to dig up this song from 2007. The message in this song is clear, no matter the obstacles -DO Not give up!

I hope these songs are able to provide you with motivation and comfort if there’s ever a day you wake up and just feel out of it. Until then there’s no harm in adding a little extra positivity in your life.

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